2023-2024 Tryouts

Eagle FC 2023-24 Tryouts

Dear Eagle FC Families and Friends, 

The registration for our 2023-2024 Eagle FC Competitive Team Tryouts is live. 

  • Tryouts are open to all players born 2016-2005 regardless of current program, team or club affiliation.
  • Continuing to participate in the Kids First Initiative, our expected Tryout Window is April 27, 2023 through May 11, 2023. Most groups will have 2 tryouts during this period. 
  • Location: Hampden Park and surrounding Eagle FC fields
  • Cost: Free for all registrants

More information on the following will be released at the end beginning of April:

  • Official Tryout Schedule
  • Age Group Information
  • Team Information
  • Coach Assignments