A Message From Our Executive Director

Dear Eagle F.C. ("Club") Parents/Players:

As we embark upon the 2020 spring season, and with all the changes taking place internally and externally, it is important to mention that significant transformations are taking place relating to the tryout/assessment process. Please note the following:

  1. Registration for player tryouts/assessments is open. Please click on the following link to register your child today at https://www.eagle-fc.com/registrations
  2. The tryouts/assessments are free to all players.
  3. The tryouts/assessments do not require you to register your child with the Club before or during the tryout/assessment process. You will be asked to register for the Club once your child has been offered and has accepted a spot on a team.
  4. There will be two 1.5 hour tryout/assessment sessions per age group/gender. Please make every effort to attend both sessions. The tryout/assessment calendar schedule is available at https://www.eagle-fc.com/registration.
  5. The Club will incorporate a challenging age-appropriate curriculum that will assess each player’s overall technical ability (e.g., ball mastery/manipulation, guiding the ball — dribbling, and passing/receiving) and tactical awareness (e.g., accuracy and speed of decision-making).
  6. The Club will make every effort to secure a minimum of three (3) coaches to take part in the evaluative process for every age-group/gender.
  7. Parents and players will be notified of their placement result within seven (7) business days following their tryout/assessment. If a player is not offered a spot on a competitive team, our recreational program will be available for those who wish to continue to play and remain with the Club.
  8. The Club will provide all pertinent information concerning team standards/expectations, coaching staff credentials, league/seasonal data, likely practice/game schedules, travel requirements, and annual team expenses to parents/players upon arrival at tryouts/assessments.
  9. If your child is unable to attend at least one tryout/assessment session, your child may be invited to participate in the team’s training sessions post tryouts/assessments. Please note, it is at the discretion of the head coach to determine whether or not to offer an invitation to participate in the evaluative process during team practices. Furthermore, a spot on the team may not be guaranteed as rosters may have reached maximum capacity following the tryout/assessment process by players who participated and accepted an offer to join the group. Please contact the head coach of the age group to make the necessary arrangements should your child be unable to participate in tryout/assessment activities.

Be sure to reach out to Wendy Campbell, our club administrator, to obtain a coach’s contact information. She can be reached at wcampbell@eagle-fc.com or by phone at 717-612-8404.

It is highly encouraged that you make every effort to attend at least one tryout/assessment. However, to be fully assessed and to ensure maximum exposure for your child, it is always a good idea to attend both sessions whenever possible.

Should you have any questions/inquiries regarding our tryout/assessment process, please feel free to contact me directly at 408-858-6177 or by email at dburgee@eagle-fc.com. I am always ready to help. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours in soccer,

David C. Burgee, Executive Director
Eagle F.C.
6206 Wallingford Way
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050
Office: 717-612-8404
Mobile: 408-858-6177
Email: dburgee@eagle-fc.com