2020-2021 Eagle F.C. Recreation Program


Eagle F.C. Recreation Info

The 2020-2021 Eagle F.C. Recreation Program offers children from U6 (2015) to U19 (2002) the opportunity to participate in the game of soccer regardless of skill level or athletic ability.   The focus of this program is to introduce the sport and help build confidence on the ball through fun and enjoyable activities.

However, there will be exciting changes with the upcoming 2020-2021 recreation program regarding age group/team formations, fees, and organizational processes.

Recreation Program Age Groups:

Eagle F.C. will establish the following age groups to enhance player development:

  • Eagle F.C. Futures Program – U6 to U9.
  • Eagle F.C. Recreation Program – U10 to U19.

Recreation Program Process Changes:

Eagle F.C. has made modifications to the recreation program as it relates to the U6-U9 age groups by adding paid professional coaching staff, simplified playing structure, and new training equipment.  The entire recreation program will see the following adjustments, such as streamlined/single-sourced communications, more efficient/effective registration process, greater coaching support for our volunteer coaches, and two Adidas training/match jerseys for each player.   

Recreation Program Details:

  • The program is affordable.
  • Playing time is equal and guaranteed regardless of skill level or ability.
  • Tryouts are not necessary to participate.
  • Players are placed in age groups or teams based on age.
  • There are minimal practice days and recurring weekly games, making it easier on the family schedule. 
  • Players will be provided two training/match tops (Adidas). Shorts and socks are available for purchase and should be black in color.  Purchase of shorts and socks is optional. 
  • Players are required to wear shin guards under their socks. Soccer shoes/cleats are strongly encouraged.   

Recreation Program Fees Cover Operating Expenses:

  • Professional Coaching Staff and Curriculum for the U6-U9 Futures Program.
  • Curriculum Support and Coaching Assistance for the U10-U19 Program.
  • Referee Fees (Fall & Spring Season) for the U10-U19 Program.
  • Administrative/Organizational Expenses.
  • Team Jerseys – Two Adidas Jersey Tops (Black & Red). Purchase of Shorts & Socks Optional.
  • One Training Session/One Match Per Week – Fall/Spring for U6-U7.
  • Two Training Sessions/One Match Per Week – Fall/Spring for U8-U9.
  • Two Training Sessions/One Match Per Week – Fall for U10-U19.
  • One Training Session/One Match Per Week – Spring for U10-U19.
  • Field Equipment & Preparations (e.g. Field Lining, Paint, Repair, & Maintenance of Fields/Goals).

Recreation Program Age Group/Team Determination Criteria:

Age groups or teams are determined in accordance with Eagle F.C. rules and policies.  Being assigned to a particular roster is based on the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • School
  • Date of Registration/Payment
  • Age Group/Team with Openings.

Eagle F.C. will make every effort to accommodate special requests regarding player placement; however, we are unable to guarantee which age group/team your child(ren) will be placed on.   Placement of a player on a age group/team cannot be guaranteed by any club official, coach, volunteer, or player.


Age Group Chart

Birth Year 2020-2021
2015 U6
2014 U7
2013 U8
2012 U9
2011 U10
2010 U11
2009 U12
2008 U13
2007 U14
2006 U15
2005 U16
2004 U17
2003 U18
2002 U19

U6-U9 Futures Program
Birth Year 2015 - 2012

  • FALL ONLY: $80
  • SPRING ONLY: $80
  • FALL/SPRING $145
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U10 - U12
Birth Year 2011-2009

  • FALL ONLY: $115
  • SPRING ONLY: $95
  • FALL/SPRING $195
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U13 - U19
Birth Year 2008-2002

  • FALL ONLY: $140
  • SPRING ONLY: $110
  • FALL/SPRING $235
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