Frequently Asked Questions

How will the uniforms be handled in 2020-21?

New for 2020-21, players will be provided two Adidas game jerseys. Black shorts and socks will be available for purchase. The purchase of shorts and socks is optional.

How will teams be formed?

Teams will be determined using existing Eagle F.C. rules and policies. Being assigned to a particular team is based on the following criteria:

– Gender
– Age
– Grade/School
– Date of Registration/Payment
• Teams with Openings

Will Eagle F.C. accommodate special requests?

Eagle F.C. will make every effort to accommodate special requests regarding player placement; however, we are unable to guarantee which age group/team the players will be placed on. Placing a player on a team cannot be guaranteed by any club official, coach, or volunteer.

What locations will host practices and games?

Practices and games will be held at various locations throughout our community. These locations may include Creekview Park, Sporting Hill Station, Hampden Park, Joe Carr Park, Cumberland Valley SD, and possibly other sites as well.

How will schedules and updates be communicated?

The Eagle F.C. staff hopes to communicate these details through the volunteer age group coordinators and coaches. It is anticipated that Eagle F.C. staff will be able to utilize the website to post schedules and also communicate changes effectively via email and social media