2020-2021 Eagle F.C. Tryouts – More Information


To become a member of an Eagle F.C. team, you must first complete the online tryout registration process.  The tryout registration can be found at https://www.eagle-fc.com/registrationsThe tryout process is free.

Tryouts do not require you to register your child with the Club before or during the tryout period.  You will be asked to register for Eagle F.C. for the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 season once your child has been offered and has accepted a spot on a team.


Parents and players will be notified of their team placement within seven (7) business days following their tryout.  If a player is not offered a spot on a competitive team, our recreational program will be available for those who wish to continue to play and remain with Eagle F.C.


The following designations will be applied to all Eagle F.C. competitive teams for the 2020-2021 fall/spring seasons:

  • Eagle F.C. Black:  1st team in the age group
  • Eagle F.C. Red:  2nd team in the age group
  • Eagle F.C. White:  3rd team in the age group 
  • Eagle F.C. Gray:  4th team in the age group 

Eagle F.C. teams participate in the following leagues:

    • USYS National League
    • Elite Developmental Program (EDP)
    • National Premier League (NPL) – Pennsylvania Regional Club League (PRCL)
    • Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League (CPYSL)  


Competitive players (male and female) born between 1/1/2002 (U19) and 12/31/2012 (U9) are eligible to register for Eagle F.C. tryouts.

New and returning competitive players must register for tryouts online at https://www.eagle-fc.com/registrations.  Be sure to check the website periodically for possible tryout updates at www.eagle-fc.com

Players must attend their scheduled “birth year” tryout date regardless of the weather conditions at the time of their respective tryouts.  It will be determined at the time of the tryout if a rain date will be necessary.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your tryout session.  Again, the tryout process is free.


If your child is unable to attend the tryout session, your child may be invited to participate in the team’s training sessions post tryouts.  Please note, it is at the discretion of the head coach to determine whether or not to offer an invitation to participate in the evaluative process during team practices.  Furthermore, a spot on the team may not be guaranteed as rosters may have reached maximum capacity following the tryout process by players who participated and accepted an offer to join the group.  Please contact the head coach of the age group to make the necessary arrangements should your child be unable to participate in tryout activities.


A meeting will take place during tryouts for the parents of the players participating in each session — meeting the age group head coach, review the annual calendar of events, and take part in an informative Q & A with administrative staff.

Additionally, general information handouts will be provided that will cover the following:

  • Club Fees
  • Team Fees
  • League Participation
  • Tournament Participation
  • Annual Calendar
  • Training / Commitment Level


It is highly recommended that you make every effort to attend your specific age group tryout.  If you feel your child can play a year up, you are encouraged to attend your specific age group tryout; however, your child is welcome to participate in the age group tryout one (1) year above his/her current age group (e.g., an upcoming U11 [2010] player may try out for a U12 [2009] team).


Should you have any questions/inquiries regarding our tryout process, please feel free to contact us directly at 717-612-8404 or by email at info@eagle-fc.com.  We are always ready to help.  Thank you for your time and consideration, and we look forward to seeing you at your tryout in June.