A Message From Our Board

A Message From

Our Eagle F.C. Board

We are in the midst of another great soccer year for Eagle F.C. teams.  For our U9-U23 Travel Teams we are fielding a total of 29 teams for boys and girls this 2021/22 season, this is a gain of 7 teams from last year. We have a total of 375 Recreation Players, 340 Futures Players, and 42 TOPS soccer players. Thank you to all of our staff, paid coaches and our volunteers who have stepped up to help with team leadership this year.

We continue to find our way forward striking a balance between preserving everyone’s health & safety in the current public health environment, while maximizing opportunities for our players to train and compete.  Please continue to monitor your player’s health regularly, making responsible choices about whether to send him/her to an Eagle FC activity.  Please err on the side of being extra safe and stay home if there is any question about possible illness.  Thank you to our Eagle F.C. Director of Coaching and our dedicated staff for their ongoing work to help our players develop, while keeping them as safe as possible.

For anyone interested in getting involved with the club, we are always looking for new volunteers.  Parent volunteerism is essential for club activities to take place. Look for an update on the Eagle F.C. website in the near future posting Board Member and volunteer committee positions.

Just a reminder about expectations for spectator behavior:  support your whole team, refrain from coaching, and understand that making decisions on the field, which will include making plenty of mistakes, is the optimal way for players to develop.  The leagues in which Eagle F.C. teams play continue to emphasize the importance of all adults at youth soccer games modeling appropriate behavior, when winning, when losing, and all the ups and downs in between that come with competing.

Lastly, to our talented Director of Coaching, Futures Director, TOPS Director, Goalkeeping Director, Director of College Recruiting and to each coach of our U8 Recreation teams all the way up through our most Elite Select-level U-23 travel teams, your loyalty to this community and its players, your dedication to demanding excellence from your players with poise, professionalism and positive encouragement and your continued passion in helping our club’s players become the best young men and women they can be both on and off the field, are traits of which we all stand proud. Let’s make this 2021/22 season an extraordinary year for our players!!

Eagle F.C. aspires to be the most inclusive and comprehensive soccer club in the region, instilling a love of the game that enables all to enjoy and pursue life goals.

On behalf of the entire Eagle F.C. Executive Board

Start Strong ~ Finish Stronger