SafeSport Policy


Eagle F.C. is committed to providing a safe environment for all players and preventing abusive conduct in any form. Eagle F.C. has zero tolerance for abuse in all ages, programs, and club activities. It is the responsibility of every coach, volunteer, parent, and player to participate in the collaborative effort to ensure our athletes are protected while enjoying the game they love. Providing that environment requires all of us to be educated on best practices and prevention strategies and act when the time comes to report suspicious behavior.


Eagle F.C. has implemented several measures to help protect the environment in which our athletes participate, including requiring child abuse clearances and criminal history checks for all coaches, staff, and board members. Our Coach, Player and Parent Codes of Conduct also address several areas where coaches, families, and athletes can reduce the risk of inappropriate interactions, including:

  • One-on-One Interactions and Meetings
  • Social Media and Electronic Communications
  • Team Travel
  • Massages and Rubdowns
  • Locker Rooms, Rest Rooms, and Changing Areas
  • Reporting Requirements


All Eagle F.C. Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Board and employees are required to complete the SafeSport Trained Core Course, which covers Sexual Misconduct Awareness, Mandatory Reporting, and Physical and Emotional Misconduct. Each year, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Board and employees will complete SafeSport Refresher Courses to remain current with the latest information on preventing misconduct and creating a positive sport environment, and they shall comply with all instructions set forth in that training, including but not limited to reporting requirements.


SafeSport also offers free courses and toolkits for parents and athletes and serves as an introduction to creating a welcoming environment in sports, identifying misconduct when it happens, and taking action to protect our athletes. Courses are age specific and can be found using the links below.



Given Eagle F.C.’s zero tolerance for abuse, we encourage a culture of communication regarding matters that place an athlete or member at risk. Coaches, volunteers, parents, and players are expected to report any sexual misconduct or inappropriate or suspicious behaviors to us through our email this is emails goes directly to our Safeguarding Officer All reports of sexual misconduct, inappropriate behaviors or suspicions of abuse will be reviewed by the Safeguarding Officer and Executive Board, who will determine next steps, including any additional external reporting, to comply with state and federal law and SafeSport Policies.

If you are unsure as to whether you should report a situation, please report it! While most reports we receive are eventually referred to the correct soccer program to address, some reports may need to be filed with law enforcement, Child Protective Services (CPS), ChildLine, SafeSport, or Soccer National Governing Bodies and may require additional action to be taken by Eagle F.C.

SafeSport Policy – Click Here

SafeSport Reporting Form – Click Here