Goalkeeper Academy

EAGLE F.C. Goalkeeper Academy

Eagle F.C. Goalkeeper Academy Operates Fall, Winter, and Spring

At Eagle F.C, we believe that at the core of every successful team is a confident and prepared goalkeeper.  Our program brings energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge to our competitive goalkeepers.  Our philosophy is to build a solid technical foundation that benefits goalkeepers of various experience and skill levels.

Every competitive goalkeeper in the club playing on a Black, Red or White team, from U9 to U19, will have the opportunity to attend weekly training sessions with our Goalkeeper Director.  Within this goalkeeper specific training environment, technique will be taught and perfected through repetition, constructive feedback, and positive reinforcement.   We hope to foster confidence through this approach while preparing goalkeepers mentally and physically to thrive in game situations.  This unique environment also provides a peer group and “Goalkeeper Union” mentality within Eagle F.C.

Each goalkeeper training session will feature the following:

  • Speed, Agility and Quickness
  • Technical Reinforcement and Repetition
  • Skill Building
  • Finishing Strong by simulating game situations and saves

The Eagle F.C. Goalkeeper Academy operates fall, winter, and spring.  There is no additional charge for our competitive goalkeepers to participate in the training.  Moving forward we hope to provide camps, clinics and add basic instruction as a part of our Futures program too.

Goalkeeper training will occur at the Sporting Hill Station fields.

For any questions regarding the Goalkeeper Academy, please contact Brian Redding via email at bredding@eagle-fc.com .