U6-U9 Futures Program


Eagle F.C. Futures Program for Spring 2022

Future Players. Future Coaches. Future Referees.

Eagle F.C. is leading the way with an innovative player development approach that combines several proven concepts for teaching young players.  We have created a unique training system that incorporates the USSF Play-Practice-Play model, an effective game structure from Horst Wein’s FUNino system, and elements of ball mastery learned from several top training programs such as Coerver Coaching.  We have also incorporated a thoughtful progression from 3v3 to 7v7 to prepare our players more appropriately to transition to competitive play.  This will serve as the foundation of the club’s new player development model.

Our Spring 2022 Futures program will kick off on April 4th at Hidden Creek Park.  The club has configured the fields and equipment to provide a positive, fun, and quality training environment.  Our goal is to facilitate an enthusiastic environment that is conducive to learning for all players.

Below are a few highlights of the new program:

  • An experienced, prepared, and cohesive staff with a wealth of playing experience, coaching knowledge, and certifications/licensing will be leading the program.
  • All of our coaches and volunteers have up-to-date clearances,  background checks, and child safety training. Additionally, we recently added an AED device and 1st Aid to the Hidden Creek shed.
  • Training session structure and curriculum will be standardized and communicated. Volunteers assisting the staff will receive instruction, support, and training while working in partnership with our lead coaches.
  • The program will have central messaging to parents for effective communication and efficient scheduling.
  • Groups are arranged to build confidence and to provide flexibility for age and ability appropriate participation.
  • Training and game play are progressive and encourage the development of technique, skills, decision making, and game intelligence, emphasizing guided discovery.
  • The program is local, convenient, and affordable.

If you would like to volunteer for this new program or have questions, please contact the Futures Program Director, Andrew Otterson, via email at aotterson@eagle-fc.com

We are an inclusive program, and we believe diversity creates a rich and respectful soccer environment.   All players are welcome.   As noted below, our players have a pathway beginning at U6 through U9 and beyond.  Eagle F.C. will continue providing opportunities for players of varying abilities and focus.


What Parents Are Saying

  • Thanks so much for an awesome season! My boys had a blast and really enjoyed learning to play soccer.

  • We love this format for her age. It is so much better than previous groups! It’s been so fun for her and your volunteers and staff are amazing and so wonderful with the kids.

  • Thank you so very much for such an enjoyable season! The staff’s enthusiasm and joy for the sport was clearly contagious for the boys! It’s been really awesome to see how far the boys have come with their spacing and ball movement!

  • Great set up all around for practices and games. Thank you for what you do for these kids!

  • My daughter loved it! She didn’t want practice to end! Everything looked very organized and fun!”

  • Thank you for caring about and promoting the enjoyment of all the kids involved. The kids are really having fun and feel a sense of belonging.

  • I cannot determine what’s stronger with the staff, the passion for soccer or the passion for making a difference in children’s lives. Well done!

  • My son’s experience this year was an excellent one. Everything was extremely organized and the level of play was fair and coordinated

  • Our son had such a great time with the program and learned so much. He enjoyed all of the coaches and as a parent it was satisfying that the program was so organized and you could see the kids improving at each practice/game.

  • Thanks again for all that you’ve done with this program!

  • Our son had so much fun this fall. On Saturday mornings, he would be dressed and ready for a game as soon as he woke up!

  • Thank you! You run an excellent program and we appreciate everything you, the other coaches, and volunteers do for the kids.

  • This is our first year at Eagle FC and we have been so impressed with the coaches and the program overall. it has been a fantastic experience so far.

  • We love the program and think you all do an amazing job! Thanks for all you do for these kids.

  • Our son had A LOT of fun with program this fall. He definitely matured as a player- THANK YOU!

  • Thanks for all of your energy, hard work, patience, and dedication to the boys this entire season!

  • Thank you, the coaches and volunteers, for an incredible first season for our son! We loved every minute and will definitely be back. You guys run an amazing program and we couldn’t have been more pleased.

  • The way practice was set up was very enjoyable for my son. It was also effective in the way that players worked in small groups and rotated to learn different skills from different staff members.

  • The entire program was very organized from practices, to games, to the clear communication via email. We are looking forward to the Spring season!

  • We really appreciated the format of games. With each team only having three players on the field with two goals per team, it provided an opportunity for every player to be actively involved and practice game skills.

  • Its a great program, well organized, and the kids all really enjoyed it.

  • This is my first time volunteering and I enjoyed it immensely.