U10-U19 Recreation Program

EAGLE FC U10-U19 Recreation Program

Eagle FC Recreation Program

Eagle FC continues to offer an affordable recreational soccer program for players U10-U19. This recreation program, which is a proud tradition at Eagle FC, differentiates our organization from many others and is an essential component of our club. We strive to be an all-inclusive soccer club, and we believe diversity creates a rich and respectful soccer environment. The U10-U19 structure will be similar to the past, with volunteer coaches, and teams based on gender, age, and academic grade.

The U10-U19 recreation program is open to all players not participating on travel teams, and open to everyone regardless of skill level. For both boys and girls, the age groups will be structured using a combination of both birth year and school grade.  We create age groups that represent elementary, middle, and high school players. This helps us to provide positive opportunities for all participants. 

All of our teams practice twice a week in the fall which is our primary season. Our spring season will consist of practices once a week to accommodate other spring sports and school activities. Both the fall and the spring seasons will have a 6-8 game schedule. In keeping with Eagle FC’s Core Values (listed below) it is our desire to allow kids to have flexibility and variety while participating in our recreation program. This allows us to offer a fun and affordable program that generates pride within our community.

If you would like to volunteer for this program or have questions, please contact us via email at info@eagle-fc.com or call 717-612-8404.